Product Description : In order to serve our clients in the best possible way, we offer them World Class high quality uniform fabrics with good processing materials, which gives a personal touch. In the fabric industry, we are known for our premium quality fabrics, that are not only durable, but also comes in smart designs and colours.

Our fabrics are made of Cotton, CP, PC, PV. These materials have, proven to be, the finest quality fabrics for uniforms, across the world.

Specification of fabric quality:

Cotton :
The best fabric, to suit any body type. To be worn especially, in hot and humid countries. Wearing this fabric allows the skin to breath, absorbs the moisture and keeps the body cool during summer.

Cotton Polyester :
Cotton when added with Polyester, makes the fabric more affordable. Apart from this, Cotton Polyester has qualities like, quick dry and absorb sweat better. In many cases, this fabric can hold its colour for longer periods, is easily washable, dries faster and is more durable than pure cotton fabrics.

Polyester Cotton :
Polyester and Cotton when blended together, makes poly-cotton. The fabric is majorly used in, the making of bed sheets and pillow covers. This fabric is durable and comfortable. Poly-cotton fabrics does not stick to body and are very breathable.

Polyester Viscose :
Commonly known as Rayon, Viscose is a man-made fabric, extracted from trees. Polyester viscose is a light and breathable synthetic fabric, which keeps sweat at bay. Polyester Viscose is a soft material majorly used in making of shirts, coats, jackets, and is the best material used to make suits.

* To order with us (Minimum order quantity)

In case of dyed colours- 1500m

In case of checks designs- 2500m